Man’s True Best Friend

Recently, there was a heated debated on television stating that technology has revolutionized man’s life so much so that it would be meaningless to call a dog a man’s best friend. Instead, the mantle should be held to one silent partner that has been with us ever since the beginning of time. Yes, people, we’re talking about fire! Surprised? Don’t be. In fact, let’s be honest guys; if it wasn’t for fire, 95% of the technology we have today wouldn’t exist!

So why has fire significantly impacted our lives? Well, see that splendid room where you put all your cooking appliances? That wouldn’t exist people. We’re talking about the kitchen, or as the French exquisitely call it, le collier. In fact, humanity has spent countless hours in front of the fireplace waiting for that something-something to boil or fry. And guess what? That’s how our culture and social lives developed!

So, it goes without saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Because here is where we dedicate our time to prepare ourselves a scrumptious meal! And where we get to develop strong social bonds with each other and improve our communication with family and friends!

As Colliers, we understand that having a marvellous kitchen is more than just a statement. Supplying for more than 100 years bespoke kitchens Sussex and other areas, this is truly our ‘bread and butter.’  Because every kitchen tells a family story, and we would like yours to do the same, too!